DT born and raised in Seattle Washington migrated to Perth Australia with his family at the age 15.

As one of the first to step foot into the the 2PM studios as a regular client DT quickly impressed the label owner and it wasn’t long before an opportunity was presented, to come on aboard the label for future development.

With more than 10 years of writing under his belt DT clearly displays lyrical abilities and a hard work ethic, with the help of his manager (The Grange) DT released his first mixtape in 2009 hosted by Wu Tang Clans affiliate DJ Symphony. 

In 2011 DT released another mixtape and in 2014 DT sealed a brand ambassador deal with street wear brand KC Wonder and also became an official member of the Zulu Nation Australian chapter (Zulu 61). This has taken his lyrical ability to the next level spreading the truth, knowledge and understanding of real Hip Hop. Not long after DT announced his debut Ep titled “Journal Entries” with features from international artists such as Chino XL , AG (from Show and AG) and NZ native Rizvan. Produced by local producer Oath One, Journal Entries was made for the underground community with the boom bap flavour straight from the 90’s that takes you on a journey through fictional and non fictional events of DT's life.

Throughout his career DT has been blessed to share the stage with other aspiring artists, Including the main support act for Scribe's WA tour in 2014 and supports include Common, Mos Def, Bone Thugs, Hopsin, Xzibit, Tech Nine, Sid Diamond, Briggs, Hau, Ja Rule and many more. Journal Entries is available now on iTunes and the online store, keep your eyes and ears open for updates.